Ring Mirror Installation by Arnaud Lapierre

By : Mark V | 7 Jul 2015 6:18 am | Other

Place Vendome in Paris has many interesting things to offer for its visitors. The FIAC 2011 conference revealed the Ring Mirror installation by Arnaud Lapierre that was sponsored by none other than Audi. The Ring is a reflective cylinder and Lapierre offered more details about the process of creation and the meaning of this structure

.He said that the city inspired the organization and the way the ring works. A visual effect is in place and it seems to break the perception of the place because the cubic mirror seems to be repeating itself.

The impact is tremendous and if you are within the structure you feel as if you never want to leave the place. Unfortunately Lapierre`s vision was meant to have only a temporary effect on the visitors,it wasn`t changed into a permanent project.

[Yatzer via TheCoolist]

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