Ridgewood Residence by Cornerstone Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 Dec 2015 9:29 pm | Homes

The Ridgewood Residence located in Austin, Texas, USA was designed by Cornerstone Architects with a harmonious and balanced look that takes the best out of the modern design trends while integrating them with some classical elements.

The house is located in the Rollingwood area which is currently still developing so the large lot offered both challenges and opportunities for the designers. The goals of the design are to adapt the house to the lifestyle of the owner while also incorporating sustainable elements such as rainwater harvesting.

The house ensures the privacy from the other houses in the neighborhood and the concept is that of a Y focusing more on the side of the building rather than on its rear. The glazed surfaces are placed so as to create a dialogue between the interior and the exterior allowing a quick transition between areas and the right amount of natural light.

The trees, masonry walls and roof overhangs act as shields from direct sunlight and there is a swimming pool outside to create a great setting for relaxation.



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