Ricky Martin’s Greenwich Village condo by Herzog & de Meuro

By : Dennis Franklin | 19 Nov 2013 7:44 pm | Apartments

The apartment of the famous Latino music star Ricky Martin was recently put on sale for the sum of 8.3 million dollars and this gives us a chance to take a look and admire the beautiful interiors.

The condo was designed by the architectural practice of Herzog & de Meuro which won the Pritzker Prize and it features three bedrooms and four bathrooms. Located on 40 Bond Street in Greenwich Village, New York, the main attraction of the apartment is the great room with a surface of 33 x 17 feet.

The condo includes a wet room built with Corian and embossed with a graffiti pattern that is representative for the building. The interior has a light wood tone predominating due to the Austrian smoked oak finish which was treated with natural oil and this extends from the flooring, to the kitchen cabinets and the panels in the master bedroom.



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