Rhode Island College Art Center by Schwartz-Silver

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Jan 2015 11:13 am | Education

The Rhode Island College Art Center in Providence, USA was designed in 2014 by the Schwartz-Silver architectural practice to bring the formerly scattered programs into a single building while also ensuring a more modern and efficient setting.

The original building spread over a single floor and was built in 1958 as a library, student center and dining hall, so it needed a refurbishment to remove the light and safety issues. The new structure offers programs for 12 separate disciplines, each with its dedicated space and the addition of two new levels to the south added a secondary entrance to the campus.

The corridors have extensive display spaces and the classrooms were equipped with the latest technology. The illumination is resolved with the addition of large clerestory windows and the center of the building has three large monitors for light to pass inside. The façade is covered in copper for a durable and highly elegant exterior which already began to develop a rich patina.


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