Rheinring by Marco Hemmerling

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Jul 2014 9:31 am | Bridges

The Rheinring is an arch designed by the architect Marco Hemmerling and it is located at the Rhine Caree between two important bridges, namely the Honenzollerbrucke and the Deutzer Brucke, bringing together the two halves of Cologne, Germany.

Next to the archway is a circular construction developed by Stefan Polonyi acting as a pedestrian walkway that can be accessed from the Altstadt to the west as well as from the Rhine Boulevard to the east.

The ring above the river is inspired by the two bridges nearby and from the important buildings in the vicinity such as the Ludwig Museum, the Lanxess Arena Event Center or the Central Station Building. The project is designed on the geometry of a super ellipse with a flattened shape that blends into the context of round nearby forms. The suspension is free of support and thus river traffic is unaffected and the Rheinring gives access to an urban space in the inner city where you can go for a walk or cycle, while also opening new opportunities for cultural and sports events.



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