Residence V02 by Viraje Arquitectura

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 May 2014 7:16 pm | Homes

Residence V02 is a minimalist home designed by the architect Julio Vila Cortell in collaboration with the Viraje Arquitectura practice and it is located in Valencia, Spain with a clean geometry which brings a contemporary vibe into a historic neighborhood.

The color palette uses only tones of gray and white to provide a minimalist exterior while inside it offers a great background for the art pieces as well as making the areas seem more spacious and brighter. The living area has a double height and it integrates the dining area while the kitchen is adjacent and separated by a glass door.

There are a lot of colors adding diversity to the interior with a warm tone and a vibrant ambiance which is enriched through the addition of artworks on the walls. The second floor hosts a large library accessed through a staircase and it provides an overview of the living area so that visual contact is always maintained inside.



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