Residence Origami by Agence Bernard Bühler

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 Jul 2013 7:50 pm | Other, Urban

The Origami Residence was designed in 2012 by the architectural practice of Agence Bernard Buhler and is located in the city of Toulouse, France.

Spreading over a surface of 3489 square meters, the building attracts the attention from afar through its peculiar geometry which probably gave the project the reference to origami in the first place, since it somewhat reminds us of a pop-up book with its bright colors and folds.

There are two facades for the building, one hosting the loggias toward the south and this one has colored glass slides to protect it from the strong light along with a cover of slatted wood which offers the entire project a natural characteristic and helps it blend in with its surroundings. This façade also changes its aspect according to the point of view making the building seem more dynamic.

The façade toward the north has a bright yellow color to contrast the other side and also to highlight the moving side making it as evident as possible.



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