Repurposed Rooftop Pool Farm

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Jun 2016 7:12 am | Restaurants & Bars

The Ink48 Hotel in Manhattan, New York offers a unique dining experience which was commissioned as a part of the Press Lounge Restaurant and it transforms the rooftop terrace and swimming pool into a dining area sunken in the pool area and surrounded by edible flora.

The project was created by the Future Green Studio in collaboration with Farming Up and it combines recycled and sustainable materials for a cozy natural setting on the 16th floor of the hotel. The wooden decking was salvaged from another renovation project and the wooden panels form the benches for the guests to sit being reminiscent of the Japanese sushi mats.

The dishes offered come with vegetables that are actually grown on the spot and the chef and professional forager of the restaurant worked with the designers to ensure an optimal planting choice on the roof so that the herbs and vegetables would be as fresh as possible.



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