Refurbished Brooklyn Loft by SABO Project

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Oct 2014 5:17 pm | Apartments

The SABO Project architectural practice designed this highly contemporary apartment in Brooklyn, New York with an approach that, instead of using a minimalist symmetrical aesthetic, opted for a non-linear, irregular design that enriches and improves the functionality of each area.

The furniture pieces were custom-made with a clean but futuristic touch that initially began with the renovation of the bathroom. Once the bathroom was done the clients were amazed and wanted the same vision to be extended through the entire space, so the interior was completely reorganized and it now features an additional room with a walk-in closet and all under a tight budget.

The renovation led to the discovery of an additional one meter of space above the ceiling that was unused so the ceilings were raised to vastly increase the storage capacity of the apartment with glass on the upper sections so that light could communicate from a room to the others.

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