Redeveloper Apartment by Kariouk Associates

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 May 2015 10:01 am | Apartments

The architectural practice of Kariouk Associates designed the Redeveloper Apartment in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, with some ingenious solutions for the modest 850 square feet space.

Since the small space couldn’t be efficiently divided into a private and a public section, and the original partitions were even worse because the interior had even less space, the solution that the designers chose was to use the elliptical columns as room dividers and they also include the storage areas and a shower.

A floor to ceiling wall of cabinetry was added and this doubled the storage space available with an enclosure in the shape of and ellipse to conceal the space. Similar ones were used to hide other storage spaces and the shower hidden this way offers a 270 degree view of the city without reducing the privacy level.

One of the rooms became a study with shelves and space for an electric piano fitted to a drawer which is also folded inside the storage wall. White porcelain tile is the predominant material, used to increase the illumination inside and these also extend to the balcony which is designed as a haven where you can relax and disconnect from the busy life while still being right in the heart of it.



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