Redbull’s New Headquarters in Amsterdam

By : Mark V | 16 Jun 2012 11:20 pm | Interiors, Offices

Sid Lee Architecture designed the brand new Redbull headquarters in Amsterdam, a massive building that lies in a key location in the northern part of Amsterdam, the port area –a place full of cultural and historic value. A very old shipyard that also had an old Russian submarine in it was completely redesigned and turned into Redbull`s image.

The private spaces are separated from the public ones with neat design features and the colours fade in from white to black and vice versa.  The concept of this design is duality, it has an industrial vibe combined with Red Bull`s image. There are some triangle shaped piles that look like niches if you view them from below, but if you look at them from the above they look just like mezzanines.

The architects play with your eyes,b ecause nothing is as it seems in the new headquarters. Some shapes in the design look like mountain cliffs while others have the familiar shapes of skate board ramps.


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