Ravenscourt Road House by DOSarchitects

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Feb 2015 3:53 pm | Homes

The Ravenscourt Road House located in West London, England is a stunning contemporary home designed by the DOSarchitects practice that extends an imposing brick structure with a lower ground floor while also adding more space to the upper floor and bringing the whole interior up to modern living standards.

The first step in the renovation was to lower the ground floor so that the opening toward the rear of the house would be larger and thus bring more natural light into this level as well as through the entire structure.

The Victorian townhouse was refurbished inside to integrate high quality modern finishes that add more comfort and texture without using anything but neutral tones, so the only touches of color are brought by the pop art painting in the lounge and dining area. Extensive glass surfaces integrate the backyard into the décor so a rustic touch is brought through the brick walls that shelter this area to make the ambiance complete.


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