Random Studio Office by XandL

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Nov 2013 5:14 pm | Offices

The XandL (Xander Vervoort and Leon van Boxtel) architectural practice created the office space of the Random Studio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands to combine the efficiency needed for a work environment with the elements that inspire and make the employees feel comfortable.

Since the company is comprised of designers, programmers, animators and artists, and the company expanded recently, they needed a new space. For this, the Westzaanstraat 10 was the choice, offering a surface of 475 square meters.

The clients wanted a beautiful space but one that didn’t come out as overdesigned so the XandL studio implemented some simple concepts such as filling the space with green plants that were placed in mini gardens or in fabrics hanging from the ceiling. The illumination was improved with the addition of mirrors and skylights and wood was used to increase the feeling of warmth.

The office also contains a cafeteria, a sound room, a meeting room, an exhibition space, a garden and an interactive installation workshop.



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