Ranch House by Galeazzo Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 22 Mar 2013 7:14 pm | Homes

With the simple name of Ranch House, this exquisite project has been designed by the practice of Galeazzo Design and is located in the countryside near the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The designers used a large variety of materials to create a large and inviting home that combines the modern and the organic styles of architecture in a unique way.

Spreading over 1900 square meters the purpose of the home is to provide a meeting place for a big family with several generations, thus as with the inhabitants, the house also tries to combine several styles and periods. The cladding was built with sustainable materials like demolition wood on the floor and cabinets and bamboo for the roof overlay. The fireplace in the living room along with some of the flooring and walls are made from pergolas and rough stone and calcareous paint as finish.

There are a lot of rooms in the house and they are divided into four sections: the spa, the interior social area, the exterior social area and the intimate area which has seven suites and a guest annex. The spa includes a game room, a massage room, a steam room, dry sauna, Turkish bath, leisure room, gym, heated pool and spa for up to thirty persons with a retractable roof for the sunny days. The internal social area includes the dining room, the lunch room, the social hall, a bar, cellar and a movie theatre while the external area has a swimming pool and spa, a restaurant for 100 people, a barbecue and a stage for small performances.

With decorations and furnishings that range from rustic or vintage to contemporary and made from a large variety of materials such as straw yields or wool, the entire space offers an amazing setting and a marvelous design that everyone should appreciate and admire.



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