Rammed Earth Modern House by Brent Kendle

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 Aug 2013 10:27 am | Homes

This single floor rammed earth house is located on a hillside in the Paradise Valley, Arizona and the designer for the project is the architectural practice of Kendle Design Collaborative.

The house features a design that takes its inspiration from the modernist trend in the middle of the last century which used to be predominant in the region until the last decade when the McMansion trend replaced it.

The remote location of the house and the arid landscape require neutral tones rather than strong colors and the designers chose natural materials for the building and the decorations. The predominant elements are the rammed earth walls, limestone on the floors, Douglas Fir wood for the ceiling.

The living area opens up to a terrace with a swimming pool and it provides an additional connection with the surrounding landscape due to the floor to ceiling glass windows and walls. The interior opts for a minimalist ambiance with a cozy and warm palette that is elegant without becoming too overwhelming.



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