Rabbit’s Tale by TidTangStudio

By : Dennis Franklin | 25 Oct 2014 9:04 am | Offices

The TidTangStudio designed the office for the Rabbt’s Tale Co Ltd. digital creative agency in 2013 and it is located on the Phon Piya Alley of Bangkok, Thailand.

The space is located in a building that used to host a two floor penthouse and there are spiral stairs in the center limiting the zones but also ensuring a connection between them. The company’s name evoked the idea of a group of people who enjoy creating stories and thus the designers thought of a burrow.

The main area is wrapped around the spiral stairs and the darker tone shines from the back side at the entrance to recreate the idea of living in a rabbit burrow. There are PAR lights atop the spiral staircase and with gradient frosted tempered glasses a circulation route is created around the staircase.

The floor to ceiling bookshelf hides a server room inside it and there is also a secret room behind the large black metal wall acting as a meeting area for up to eight persons, while the second floor hosts the main working area.


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