R1T Apartment by Partizki & Liani Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 Jul 2013 10:09 am | Apartments

Designed by the practice of Partizki & Liani Architects, the R1T Apartment is located in Tel Aviv, Israel and it offers a stunning interior with a reflective ceiling creating a very interesting effect that also increases the light and space inside.

The apartment has the shape of an L and it is located in a tower 80 meters above the ground offering a superb view of the south-west side of the city which reaches the coastline of the Jaffa port.

The interior offers three routes through the space one from the entrance with a second parallel wooden passage that brings us to the bedrooms and ending with the glass wall to present the sea. Another route available is the one from the kitchen and dining area to the service zone.

The ceiling has a thing reflective membrane and it connects the loft with the town while also offering an infinite diversity to the interior with the aid of the light flickers that present the space in a new way during each time of the day.



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