Queen Residence by naturehumaine

By : Dennis Franklin | 8 Jan 2014 5:51 pm | Homes

Located in Saint-Lambert, Quebec, Canada, the Queen Residence is a project designed by the naturehumaine architectural practice with a contemporary style and a warm interior featuring a high diversity of colors and patterns.

The house was built in 1958 and the current owners bought it with the intention of renovating it while also adding an extra space. The original “Butterfly House” had its own style and personality, so the intervention focused on bringing it up to date while remaining in the spirit of the original.

The extension was built on the east side continuing the roof to maintain a consistent overall composition. The interior was changed to rethink the division of spaces in a more contemporary fashion so that it would incorporate the new kitchen and bathrooms while also maintaining some of the vintage tone of the original.

To brighten the interior, aside from a more open plan, the facades were redesigned to allow more natural light inside.



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