Qods Mosque by Arash G. Tehrani

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Jan 2015 7:21 pm | Monuments

The Qods Mosque is located in one of the most crowded areas of Teheran, Iran and it was renovated in 2011 by the architectural practice of Arash G. Tehrani with an aesthetic that improved the overall functionality of the project while also removing the non-Islamic elements present in the former construction.

The tent-shaped building had an unfinished minaret and the designers added a semi-transparent façade that would somewhat cover the structure while creating a skyline defined by a dome, gate, porch and the minaret. The interesting element is the choice of a contemporary shape instead of traditional forms, although with Persian patterns repeating to balance the old and the new.

The patterns have been inspired from the work of the Iranian architect Mahmoud Maheronnaghshan and the porches are the main gathering spots since they are the places where the public service takes place. The minaret has three cubes set one atop the other and each of them has a different program.


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