The Python House by Pana

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Jan 2015 3:20 pm | Homes

The Python House is a residential project created by the Pana architectural practice in the Moscow region in Russia with a flexible layout and a geometry that resembles that of a snake crawling on the stone box on the ground floor.

Spreading over a surface of 1180 square meters, the interior begins from the open entrance and leads all the way to the private section where the master bedroom is located. The private areas were placed on the second floor and the underground is occupied by a swimming pool offering a view of a small pavilion with a lounge and terrace.

The separate volume at the entrance was created as a garage and although they seem apart, all the volumes communicate through underground passages. The aesthetic of a snake is portrayed through the materials chosen for the façade which is either glazed or just made of wood with a texture reminiscent of scales.


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