Pünktchen by Güth & Braun Architekten + DYNAMO Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Jul 2013 5:35 pm | Homes

This house was built in the 19th century with a neoclassical style that went through various renovations after the Second World War and the clients and owners of the space wanted to bring it back to life with the aid of the Guth & Braun Architekten practice and DYNAMO Studio.

The house is located in Germany and the warm interior is a renovation that doesn’t forget about its past but rather tries to bring them back with a contemporary use of materials. The classic façade uses massive sandstone pieces and is divided on three levels, the ground floor, a main floor and the mezzanine.

As a contrast with the stone façade and its symmetric horizontal lines the house opens toward the garden and the interior tries to connect with this side rather than the urban surrounding through the use of wood as the predominant material inside. This option makes the interior much cozier and warmer adding style and elegance without forgetting about the contemporary trends.



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