PuLSaTe by Lily Jencks and Nathanael Dorent

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Jul 2015 2:43 pm | Stores / Showrooms

The PuLSaTe is a pop-up installation in Primrose Hill, London designed by Lily Jencks and Nathanael Dorent for the Capitol Designer Studio and it uses the Marazzi SistemN tiles.

The main purpose of the installation is to show the design possibilities of the porcelain tile since the Capitol Designer Studio considers this material to be both beautiful and able to produce unique effects and this collaboration provided this very interesting space.

According to the designers their main ideas were about perception, the way we perceive shapes and distance, and about how to display an object, so that they changed the common showroom for selling tiles into a more creative and impacting space. They were influenced by the Gestalt psychology and by the Op Art current and tried to create a reinforced perspective that will absorb the viewer into the space through the pulsating waves of gradient colors.

This work proved incredibly minute and they also introduced slopes on the floor and benches so that people can better admire the space. The space will be launched on 21st of March 2013 and will be opened for nine months with different lectures, fashion shoots and product launches.



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