Public Library in Ceuta by Paredes Pedrosa

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Jun 2013 12:19 pm | Other

The architectural practice of Paredes Pedrosa designed the Public Library in Ceuta, Spain on a steep terrain next to the Arab Marinid archaeological excavation.

The condition of the plot determined the interior spaces and the compactness of the city lying on the border of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean also conditioned the project. Due to the triangular structure of the archaeological site the Library was designed as a compact volume which makes the site the core of the public spaces to provide a transparency between the reading spaces and the visitors of the Marinid center.

There are terraces on the slope and the lecture rooms are placed on several levels overlooking the void of the archaeological center. There are entrances on two levels, one toward the Library and the other one to the visitors’ center.

The structure is wrapped in an aluminum perforated cover which reduces the glare and solar gain reducing the energy costs and the final façade has different glass-metal layers which are energy efficient. There is a glass layer on the interior and a metal one to the exterior.

There is a terrace in the roof level where an open reading room sits and it offers views toward both seas and continents.



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