Promenade Residence by BGD Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Apr 2013 8:30 pm | Homes

Located in an exclusive area of Queensland, Australia, the Promenade Residence was designed by the practice of BGD Architects for a family of four and it features spaces for either rest, work or play.

The interior was planned so that the private spaces aside from comfort and shelter also offer a good view of the Surfers Paradise and there are screens made from corten steel in the bedrooms as well for extra privacy. These screens can be pulled so that they don’t hinder the view in any way and ensure an optimal cross ventilation throughout.

The entrance to the house is made through one of the sides and a courtyard leads the way inside the living area. During the night the house is even easier to spot due to the abundant exterior illumination.

The waterfront also includes a luxurious space with two floors that is accessed through a set of sliding doors that were custom made to cover the two floors. This feature provides the best views and also improves the ventilation inside the home.



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