Private villa in Dubai by NAGA Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 Jan 2014 5:00 pm | Homes

This private villa located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates was designed by the practice of NAGA Architects in 2011 for the Sultan Mohammed Aqil Ali Hassan Al Zarooni and his family.

The project employs a cubist aesthetic and it is designed on an ordered system of rectangular planes and facets that create enough room for recessed balconies or some extruding areas to permit a better view of the surroundings while also extending the interior spaces.

All the sides of the villa are surrounded by water features and swimming pools, either public or private ones, to maintain the interior temperature at a cool and pleasant temperature even if the house is in the desert climate.

The ground level uses articulated panels to increase the space and the segmented spaces have been turned into a large hall that acts as the main social space of the villa, appropriate for entertainment and gatherings. The first level hosts the private quarters and it gives access to an overhead walkway that offers a view of the ground floor spaces.



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