Private Home by Bozhinovski Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Jun 2013 6:34 pm | Apartments

The Bulgarian studio of Bozhinovski Design focuses on state of the art modern designs that try to show us how the homes of the future might look like and we have already seen one of their works here. This time they created another space that combines the contemporary trends with a stunning aesthetic.

Designed by Tovo Bozhinovski, this private apartment is located in Bulgaria and it covers a surface of 80 square meters. The designers were employed to focus on the living room and one of the bedrooms only and they managed to create a strong unity between them and also transform them in to modern and cozy spaces.

The table was secured with wire rope to give it extra stability and lightness and it was combined with the sofa to provide a unified design. The interior uses a palette that has shades of white, black and grey along with copper sheets to add warmth and also attract attention toward the TV wall.



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