Private College in Oporto by OVAL – Avelino Oliveira

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Apr 2013 9:09 am | Education

The Private College in Oporto, Portugal was designed by the architectural practice of OVAL – Avelino Oliveira and it features a group of buildings for the College Cebes in the region of Foz do Douro, in the municipality of Porto.

The project was designed to integrate in the environment which consists of luxury homes with balconies and rooftops. The proposed project also integrates elements of popular architecture with contemporary design to create a building that is reminiscent of a residential structure.

The volume has glazed openings and geometry similar to the architecture of the houses nearby while it spreads over three floors each with its own purpose. The basement includes the cafeteria, kitchen, staff room, waiting room and the facilities for staff, students and teachers. At ground level is the reception along with five classrooms and toilets while on the first floor there are also five classrooms, toilets and a specific room. There are also several annexes with areas of study, libraries, EVT and a multipurpose room, and these also have shower facilities and toilets in the basement.



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