Prime Nature Residence by The Department of Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Jun 2015 11:22 am | Homes

Designed by The Department of Architecture located in Thailand, this contemporary residence in Bangkok tries to offer an open home, without caring about privacy and thus having no walls or fences but allowing a great view and ensuring the residents have their private lives secured through the way the building was planned. Each home in the community tries to find alternative ways of ensuring privacy and renounce the obstructions that walls bring.

With a lot of verandas inside and courtyards, this house tries to connect as much as possible with the exterior and its trees and vegetation. There is also a lounge and a passageway that offers entry inside through its every side.

The interior is brightly lit and provides warm colors making it as comfortable and relaxing as possible while walls of glass provide natural light and also a closer connection with the nature nearby. The exterior and interior are divided through metal slats and some of the spaces, like the living room, can become truly a part of the exterior through the slatted walls for outdoor dinners or parties.



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