Prefabricated Snow Huts by Herault Arnod Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Aug 2015 3:13 pm | Other

These snow huts were designed by the practice of Herault Arnod Architects with sustainable materials and their purpose is to provide several layered huts through the slopes of the Serre Chevailer Vallee resort in France.

Built with wood taken from local sources, the sculptural huts are a part of the “Snow Culture” project which has the purpose of presenting the thematic tours and historical stories of the area, while also offering a plate to rest for the skiers and passersby.

The parallel plywood arcs which make up the shelters were built off the site and were transported wholly with the aid of a helicopter on site and they all have the same structure and through their organic shapes they try to emulate the environment and blend in with it as much as possible.



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