Post Tower by Murphy/Jahn

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Nov 2014 6:03 pm | Skyscrapers

The Post Tower located in Bonn, German was designed by the architectural practice of Murphy/Jahn with an orientation toward the Rhine and Siebengebirge with an exterior that facilitates a view of the city while also reducing the effects of wind due to the aerodynamic oval shape.

The tower has a height of 162 meters and is used for office spaces and the plan of the project is split in oval halves with a 7.2 meter separation between them and the glass floors placed at intervals of nine floors give room for skygardens that let light and elevators to pass through.

The façade has two encasings, one made of glass to permit natural ventilation, while the outer one shelters the building from rain and noise with the capacity of holding sunshades. The twin-shell façade makes the whole project more eco-friendly since the operating costs are reduced by up to 60%.

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