Port Hope House by Teeple Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Jan 2015 8:52 pm | Homes

The Port Hope House in Ontario, Canada was designed in 2012 by the practice of Teeple Architects on a sloping terrain that is interrupted by a dense forest and offers an overview of the Lake Ontario from a 75 feet cliff, providing the inhabitants with a wonderful and secure natural landscape.

The project spreads over a surface of 4450 square feet on a farmland and thus the aesthetic and geometry of the house was dictated by the natural surroundings and great vantage points. The sculptural façade projects toward the lake and increases in height toward the edge so that the interior spaces can be clearly separated.

The natural light comes inside through the clerestory windows and the different levels communicate via a wooden staircase. The interior has neutral tones but a lot of textural details and carefully chosen materials for a very elegant and contemporary ambiance evoking safety and comfort.


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