Porsche Pavilion by HENN

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Jul 2015 3:40 am | Stores / Showrooms

The new Porsche Pavilion on the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany provides the visitors with an impressive design for the famous brand that presents an organically shaped structure that has a curved roof construction covering 400 square meters with exhibition areas. The sculptural characteristics of the building are inspired by the brand image of Porsche and the interior with its linear design gives the idea of speed and dynamism.

The stainless steel cladding covering the building provides a homogenous unity that also permits the light to flicker into different colors and patterns during the day and thus provide endless shades according to the weather outside.

The entrance inside the pavilion offers an overhanging 25 meters façade that rises above the water surface and shelters the seats provided for the visitors that are optically connected to the surrounding landscape and also form their own acoustic enclosure. The entire space is designed to be uniform and continually flowing as if everything is dynamic and in the process of transforming. The building envelope also provides a supportive function and the 620 stainless steel sheets were welded with reinforcing ribs and assembled on site. The interior provides a bit of Porsche history and the new models through exhibitions and presentations designed by HG Merz Architekten Museumsgestalter.

The Porsche Pavilion at the Wolfsburg Autostadt received in 2012 the German Design Co. prize for the Automotive Brand in the Best of Best Architecture Award.



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