Point Resolution Bridge by Warren & Mahoney

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 Sep 2013 7:43 am | Bridges

Auckland Council invited the architectural practice of Warren and Mahoney to create a new design to replace the pedestrian bridge which connects Auckland’s waterfront to a headland since the original bridge was built during the 1930s and it suffered from severe structural fatigue while also needing to be raised due to the electrification of the rail network of the city.

The Point Resolution Bridge goes along the waterfront and is also close to the historic salt water Parnell Baths so the project had to be a landmark. The baths were designed in the international modern style during the 1950s with a mosaic mural and lido bathing pools which had angular lines and a sinuous form which gave the theme and inspiration for the geometry of the bridge.

Since the bridge is at the edge of a harbor, the nautical elements were obvious such as the waka and the yacht. The designers used three primary elements in their project, a concrete deck extending from the headland into the harbor which is cradled by a steel armature with a cantilevered glass balustrade which ensures barrier protection.



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