The Podil Loft Apartment by Sergey Makhno

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Mar 2014 8:40 pm | Apartments

The designer Sergey Makhno created the Podil Loft Apartment located in a historic building in the old commercial district of Kiev, Ukraine.

The old brickwork was revealed after the gypsum plaster layer was removed and it held metal channel bars inside which offer a beautiful industrial aesthetic that was restored and covered with a protective polish. The designers also used decorative concrete panels and wooden planks throughout and the floor was covered with solid oak planks.

The main room of the house is the living area which integrates the kitchen and dining room as well as the guest area. The children’s room is placed in the back and there is a separate bedroom that gives access to a large balcony with a bathroom and a small study.

The furniture and decorative objects are created by Minotti or by the Makhno Workshop and industrial illumination was used to alternate with the fixtures.



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