Plane House by K Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Oct 2013 1:58 pm | Homes

The Plane House on the Skiathos Island, Greece was designed by K Studio as an attempt to provide a continuous connection between the indoors and the outdoors.

The contemporary design tries to minimize the impact it has on the surrounding landscape through the use of horizontal planes rather than the block volumes which would dominate the space. The horizontal planes create different levels for sunbathing and allow large shaded areas so that there is a place for each activity.

The placement of the building on a sloping terrain provides a 270 degree view of the coastline and there are several panels and glazed surfaces which separate the planes while also maintaining a visual connection between them.

The lounge, cooking and eating areas are separated from one another to increase functionality and the swimming pool is placed over the terrace to allow a great view. The project uses sustainable features such as photovoltaic panels for power and grey water recycling for irrigation, toilet and fire safety measures.



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