Placebo Pharmacy by klab Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Dec 2013 7:22 am | Other

The practice of klab Architecture designed the Placebo Pharmacy in Athens, Greece with an exterior featuring a spiraling cylindrical geometry and a perforated white wrapping that attracts attention from afar.

The project spreads over around 600 square meters and the original structure had an octagonal shape that was reformed into a cylinder to incorporate a spiral which tries to create a dialogue with the dynamic Vouliagmenis Avenue, the urban artery where it is located.

The perforated panels on the façade use the Braille signs to allude to the use of this system for pharmaceutical packaging, while also allowing the light to penetrate into the interior and illuminate the space with natural light. The façade also acts as a shield for the interior when the sunlight is too intensive and attracts the passers-by curiosity.

There are mirrors on the front and a ramp leads to the upper level to continue the dynamic spiral indoors as well.



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