Pixy Hall by Moriyuki Ochiai Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Oct 2013 8:09 pm | Education

Located in the Kanagawa prefecture in the southern region of Japan, the Pixy Hall kindergarten is a part of the Piccolino Kindergarten and it was designed by the practice of Moriyuki Ochiai Architects with the shape of a mountain surrounded by clouds.

The main purpose of the space is for art and education but it can also be transformed into a multi-purpose room capable of hosting concerts, live performances, exhibitions or children’s workshops. The seats are made of wood and they are brightly colored.

The seats can be pushed against the mountain to form steps and thus they become a way to climb up the shape toward the clouds. They are also very light and can thus be moved around easily by the children to create various stacks. The triangular shape was chosen because it is simple and safe for the children.

The designers created the space as a place in which both adults and children can interact to develop their imagination while having fun.



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