Penthouse residence in Las Vegas, Nevada

By : Mark V | 30 Oct 2011 8:04 pm | Apartments, Interiors

The designer of the project was Mark Tracy of Chemical Spaces whose intent was to make use of the finest materials out there to offer a luxurious and glamorous atmosphere for a penthouse unit. The penthouse can be found in the Veer tower of Las Vegas,this area being known for its modern buildings,being under a constant development.

But what does the penthouse have to offer? It has, first of all, a breathtaking tall by 13’ wide floor-wall-ceiling glass mosaic,the designer choosing an ocean blue shade of colour to create a peculiar ,relaxing atmosphere,this mosaic having of course embedded images and it is bordered by a glass veneer tile. But the mosaic also highlights a chandelier that hangs right in the center of the entire wall,being encased in a blue glass cube.

The lighting features that were installed are RGB LED systems and they allow special effects if somebody wants to throw a party.The 120 linear feet of RGB LED lighting highlights the colours that were used for the overall design.

You can also spot a “Blue Louise” table ,made entirely of granite that can have multiple uses: it can be used as a bar or as a dining table. One of the penthouse attractions is represented by the living area that is also considered the party zone.

The ceiling is made of triangular shaped mirrors-each of the triangles being separated by ceiling beams that capture the lighting effects and the neon shining through the windows from the Las Vegas buildings that are found outside.As an element of décor,the living area has a custom rug ,a HZL Henzel creation that covers the metallic white hardwood floors.

The master bedroom can compete with the living area,too. The bed is c-shaped and it`s 13’ tall made of Italian porcelain tile and over it hangs a beautiful chandelier. A custom made chain curtain that bears the signature tag of Shepard Fairey hangs beside the bed-this curtain separating the bedroom from the master bath.

The design started before the tower was completed in February 2009.The construction started around June, 2010 and it ended in March 2011.

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