Pavilion of Quebec and Canadian Art and Concert Hall

By : Mark V | 20 Oct 2011 11:36 pm | Landmarks, Museums

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) now has a new pavilion. The museum celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2010 and on October 14, 2011 the new pavilion opened up for the public. It is called Claire and Marc Bourgie Pavilion of Quebec and Canadian Art and Bourgie Concert Hall and now the museum has 59,000-gsf since the new pavilion increased the MMFA`s exhibition space by 20%.

The new extension of the museum has 18,953 nsf of gallery space and now the display area that was reserved for the Museum’s collection of historical and contemporary Quebec and Canadian art has doubled. The building itself has won two awards: recipient of the 2010 Canadian Architect Awards of Merit and the 2011 Award of Excellence from the Urban Development Institute of Quebec. The examination of the rich history of Quebec and Canadian art can be done easily now since the display area is larger.

The MMFA has a nice tradition. It allows free admission when it comes to its permanent collection so the Claire and Marc Bourgie Pavilion will be open and free for families, tourists, visitors, school groups etc. Everybody can benefit from this plan, gaining the opportunity of finding out more about Canada’s history.

The nave of the former Erskine and American church (1894) was restored and converted into a 444-seat concert hall. The new concert hall will function as a place fit to host museum related public programs but also music performances. The concert hall has a capacity of 8,095-nsf.

The new main entrance is made out of marble. The same material was used for the other pavilions, too. This entrance offers access to the new pavilion and to the concert hall as well. An underground gallery connects the two new structures with the Jean-Noël Desmarais Pavilion.


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