Paul H. Cocker Architecture Gallery by Gow Hastings Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Mar 2014 8:56 am | Education

The Gow Hastings Architects practice designed the new Paul H. Cocker Architecture Gallery for the Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada upgrading the Department of Architectural Science building with a dramatic space opposite the main entrance.

The space was occupied by a storage room before and the gallery enters into the brutalist lobby created by the architect Ron Thom to add a white touch to the heavy concrete of the interior while also adding a focal point to the array of beams, columns and staircases.

The designers created a space that brings a contemporary aesthetic to the mix making the interior feel warmer and in touch with its surroundings due to the glass pivot doors and the thin porcelain floor tiles. The project also wants to act as an independent unit extending beyond the space it covers with red felt and stainless steel touches creating a functional and inspiring space.

The gallery has a back wall faceted into flat sections to provide as much display space as possible with a flexible illumination and hanging system that can change with each exhibition.



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