Passive Solar Ordos Museum Inspired by the Gobi Desert

By : Mark V | 25 Jun 2015 12:46 am | Museums

Located in China, the Passive Solar Ordos Museum is famous for its futuristic aspect due to the curved metal that was used in the design of the building. MAD Architects led the project and the museum was designed in 2005, built to host the local cultural relics. The museum also uses sustainable design ,climate control and the façade is made from metal louvers.

Ordos is the city where the museum is located and it`s under a constant development,the urban influences can be easily spotted now although the museum keeps the rural aspect and the culture of the city.The designers were also inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s “Manhattan Dome.”The Godi desert dunes and their undulating aspect were rendered in the design of the building,too since the dunes are near this place.

The metal louvers found in the design of the façade have a beautiful dark copper hue,making the glow of the museum seem magical while the dual entrances placed on the west and east facades make the museum be impressive.The louvers not only give the museum a breathtaking aspect,they also guide the sun beams in the rooms of the building.

Natural ventilation is also done with the help of metal louver system while the glazed roof and the glass walls let the natural light in. The exhibition halls are separated by curvilinear walls that also copy the style of the exterior.The staircases connect the different floors with the open atrium and the overall design makes the Ordos Museum be a touch of culture and preservation of tradition in an urban space.


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