PARKROYAL on Pickering by WOHA

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Apr 2013 6:28 pm | Hotels & Spas


The PARKROYAL on Pickering in Singapore was designed by the practice of WOHA Architects, who are famous for their manifest eco-friendly designs, and the project is a hotel that is also a garden with remarkable innovations both in the interior as well as on the exterior.

The designers placed huge cantilevered sky-gardens at every four levels between the blocks of guest rooms and planted luxuriant tropical plants such as palm trees to provide an actual oasis mixed with the hotel sections.

The building tries to heal the over urbanized area through a private development that also contributes to the environment around it, adding a bit of nature to the central business district.

The main base of the building is a pool deck podium with five floors and a tower rises from it over twelve floors with the guest rooms looking the north toward the park of sky gardens and the services to the south. The entire structure has the shape of the letter E and the gardens also provide shading and the rooms can be glazed without external screening devices.

The designers wanted to prove to the whole world that a green city can actually be achieved and this building is an example of their aim, while also adding a unique landmark in Singapore.



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