Park Over the Highway in St. Louis

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Aug 2013 6:10 pm | Other, Urban

The Park Over the Highway is a project initiated by the US Department of Transportation in St. Louis, Missouri and it plans to transform an area close to the Gateway Arch into a public park spreading over Interstate 70.

The project cost reaches 380 million dollars and it will be carried out with the aid of the KCI Construction Company which will create new roads, bike paths and pedestrian sections all with abundant vegetation surrounding them.

The park will have an important impact on the environment and it will thus improve the aspect of the area helping the community and attracting tourists. The funds for the project are entirely from public sources such as federal grants and taxes or the CityArchRiver Foundation.

Some local organizations such as the Grassroot have some doubts about the way the project has been planned and proposed a boulevard to replace the elevated section of the Interstate 70 so that is better integrates the city and the waterfront but this would restrict the access to the Arch grounds and thus it isn’t a very viable option.



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