Palomo contemporary music venue in Nimes, France

By : Mark V | 14 Feb 2013 7:11 pm | Infrastructure

Tetrarc, an architecture firm set in Nantes, designed the Palomo project this year, a colorful and modern music venue in the city of Nimes, France.

Set just outside the city, this music venue is meant to become an attraction for the residents of Nimes as well as the nearby cities of Marseilles, Avignon, Montpellier and Arles, offering a unique design with plenty of bright colors that are definitely going to make an impact.

The idea is to offer the same feeling through the design as the one you get from the local music, that of detachment, sensuality and attractive. The android like structure has an irregular shape and triangular frames to offer a sense of altered perception, the large window offering a glimpse of the robot’s mind and a bit of the atmosphere inside it, making the design one that touches the idea of high-tech architecture.

The interior offers the feeling of stepping inside a bullfighter’s ring and the colors resemble those present during a Spanish fiesta. With the alternating of brightly lit areas and dark spaces it manages to produce a sense of mystery and suspense.


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