Palace Court by Roselind Wilson Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Oct 2014 6:22 pm | Apartments

Palace Court is an amazing residential project created by the Roselind Wilson Design studio with a combination of contemporary and classical elements and it is located in London, UK.

Spreading over a surface of 6000 square feet, the project is a continuous interplay of textures and color tones that aim to delight and dazzle the inhabitants with their diversity. The apartment covers the entire top floor of a period mansion block and was designed for a client that is highly interested in contemporary aesthetic.

The designers went through extensive research to create a rich and specific style for each area and the furniture pieces themselves are very original and blend in great with their ambiance. The period mansion in which the penthouse is located are brought into the space but with a modern twist, so we have comfortable chairs, marble fireplaces or bust sculptures with an approach that focuses more on the textures and there is even written text on the armchair reminding us of graffiti artwork.


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