Paddington Basin Bridge

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Oct 2014 8:34 pm | Bridges

The Knight Architects practice designed the movable footbridge on the waterfront mix-use site at Paddington Basin in the Merchant Square of London, UK and it was created in close collaboration with the AKT II structural engineers.

The cantilevered bridge has a length of 20 meters and spans over the Grand Union canal with a system that uses hydraulic jacks to bring the two edges of the development together. The designers wanted the project to act as a kinetic sculpture resembling a Japanese fan which is comprised of five steel beams that create the deck of the bridge.

The opening of the bridge is made in a staggered sequence and there are shaped counterweights help the mechanism to reduce the energy needed for the movement. The bridge has balustrades with LED down-lighting to illuminate the walking surface and it will lead to the waterside plaza that is also part of the project.


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