PABLO by Design Atelier RONDO

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Aug 2014 8:19 pm | Restaurants & Bars

PABLO is a cheese tarts store located in the Hyogo area of Yokohama, Japan and it features a space created by the Design Atelier RONDO, continuing their expansion throughout the country after their previous projects Umeda & Shinsaibashi in Osaka and Shibya in Tokyo.

The design is inspired from the tarts and the process of baking them which means churning, baking, stamping, finishing, wrapping and serving them. PABLO combines the functionality of a food retail store with that of a café with curved lines leading you through the warm and natural counter area.

While standing in queue, the clients can see the process of baking and from the façade the interior continues with the counter area which resembles a tunnel with natural vegetation adding an extra degree of reality to the effect. The entrance continues with the café where you can enjoy the tarts in a warm atmosphere with tones of orange, yellow and light wood.



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