OZ Residence by Swatt Miers Architects

By : Mark V | 20 May 2016 5:50 am | Homes

The Silicon Valley in California received another piece of architecture that is worthy of admiration with the aid of Swatt Miers Architects who designed this house called OZ Residence.

Due to the location and climate the design presents open architecture, along with plenty of natural materials to give a sense of connection with the environment that surrounds it. The gardens and vegetation were also designed and chosen to blend in with the house by the landscape architect Ron Herman.

According to the designers, the owners wanted a casual home, somewhere between a vacation home and a summer resort. The site spreads over 2.8 acres and is designed in an L shape to provide extra privacy and divide the house into two wings that connect through a great room that occupies both stories.

The predominant color is given by the mahogany boards that offer it the natural aspect suited for the vegetation next to it and the generous glass windows that cover the rest of the house offer splendid views of the exterior. The overall design is a beautiful combination of colors and natural elements that turn the home into a balanced and modern abode.

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