OUTsideIN House by Fernanda Vuilleumier Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 Jul 2013 6:16 pm | Homes

The Fernanda Vuilleumier Studio designed the Outside IN House in the Rovince Utima Esperanza region of Chile.

The project integrates rustic elements with an original design that tries to bring the exterior materials into the interior as well so that they will gain an ambivalent meaning. The materials are used for their functionality and they gain a domestic function through their context while on the other they try to offer an element of connection with the surrounding landscape.

The house uses sustainable design elements to save energy through passive solar heating and it uses solar energy for the heating, cooling and illumination when they are required. There is a Trombe stone wall toward the sun composed of a material that acts as a thermal mass and this element absorbs the energy of the sun and releases it toward the interior during the nighttime.

The roof of the building directs the wind to make the air flow toward one single direction and it also uses a system for the storage of rainwater.



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