Organic Modern Estate by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg

By : Dennis Franklin | 3 Mar 2014 6:39 pm | Homes

Called the Organic Modern Estate for obvious reasons, this residential project is located in Joshua Tree, California and it was designed by the Kendrick Bangs Kellogg architectural practice to integrate with the surrounding desert while also ensuring a stunning interior.

The project began in 1988 and it was completed in 1993 but the interior designer John Vugrin modified and altered some of the features to make the structure blend in better with the rocks and ensure a luxurious and functional space inside.

The predominant materials are concrete, steel, glass and copper with a rugged protective shell on the exterior that seems to extend from the rocks. The interior is quite different from the rough and rocky exterior offering a contrasting space with feminine touches and natural materials to follow the patterns of organic design.

The interior is very diverse, each space offering a large variety of textures and predominantly natural earthy tones that provide a cozy and warm ambiance. The residence is listed for sale at the price of three million dollars.



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